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“After I realized I was one of many who was promised to become a millionaire in a month, I was sure I will never see my money again. Thanks to you guys, not only did I get to see my money again, we got back at them!.”
Jon Bakken
You never know till it hits you. This was my case after trusting a fake broker for over 7 months which left me depressed after finding out i had lost $89k worth of bitcoin, when all hope was lost and left with no option, Global Refund helped me and this took them 11 days. I want to say a very big thank you to the management and team.
Andrea Velle
Believe me when I say I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to details exhibited by the team at Global Refund . I never believed that I could get my money back, but they did it in no time and with the barest minimum cost
Elle Aasen
Losing money can be so heart-wrenching. I had lost all hope until I was introduced to Global Refund . At first I was skeptical but I'm glad I trusted them. One thing that struck me is how compassionate they were throughout the process. They are professionals, Highly recommend.
Isa Holmgren
I am satisfied that my concerns were being taken seriously and my caller [MG] had a professional and personable approach that made me feel less anxious about my situation. Thank you for the help so far ! I really appreciate it

Mark Brookes

Mechanical Engineer,

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