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Have you been a victim to online fraud by a scam company? Contact us and have one of our professionals check your eligibility on retrieving your Funds Back.


If you find yourself becoming a victim to online fraud or an online scam company, you are not alone; millions of people worldwide are facing this very same and typically overwhelming predicament. Many individuals get discouraged when facing fraud, due to its burdensome nature. They think that there is nothing that can be done, and they feel ashamed, frustrated and don't know where to turn. Global Refund offers a variety of services, including consulting you on your options regarding the scam you have been victim of, and providing helpful advice to avoid being scammed in the future by a regulated or non-regulated trading companies.



We help recover investments from all CFD, crypto and forex investments that might have been lost to illegal dubious and unregulated companies


We uncover fraudulent investment companies and brokers . Report and charge them legally for their crimes 


We help recover investments from all CFD, crypto and forex investments that might have been lost to illegal dubious and unregulated companies

About US

We have Highly qualified experts to ensure our clients minimise risks and make decisions on the basis of the most complete and accurate information possible.

Our expertise in the field of online trading scams such as Binary Options, Crypto Currency, Romance Scams, and many other types of online fraud have helped thousands worldwide in recovering their lost funds. We bring these perpetrators to justice and return stolen wealth to their rightful owners. If you have been scammed by one of these scam companies – do not be ashamed to ask for help from professionals. Our team will review your case and
assess your chances of retrieving your funds.

If you were a victim of a scam Get free consultation from our team.

Online scams are prevalent among illegitimate shops, brokers and merchants on the internet today. It is laden with untrustworthy transactions that seek to victimize those who are vulnerable. While we guard ourselves against these dangerous tradings, there are times when they cannot be prevented.

What People Say

“After I realized I was one of many who was promised to become a millionaire in a month, I was sure I will never see my money again. Thanks to you guys, not only did I get to see my money again, we got back at them!.”
Jon Bakken
You never know till it hits you. This was my case after trusting a fake broker for over 7 months which left me depressed after finding out i had lost $89k worth of bitcoin, when all hope was lost and left with no option, Global Refund helped me and this took them 11 days. I want to say a very big thank you to the management and team.
Andrea Velle
Believe me when I say I am very impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to details exhibited by the team at Global Refund . I never believed that I could get my money back, but they did it in no time and with the barest minimum cost
Elle Aasen
Losing money can be so heart-wrenching. I had lost all hope until I was introduced to Global Refund . At first I was skeptical but I'm glad I trusted them. One thing that struck me is how compassionate they were throughout the process. They are professionals, Highly recommend.
Isa Holmgren

We Provide The Help You Need

Binary Options, Forex, CFD, Bitcoin Trading and many other types of fraudulent online practices typically rely on the victims’ fear of losing and the fear of taking on large businesses. It is these fears that can also attribute to those avoiding pursuing these scammers, so they end up not trying or giving up on getting their money back. With our experts, you will no longer be facing this on your own! Our team is well equipped and prepared to provide you with the highest standard of representation necessary. We are here to make sure you are successful in the pursuit of getting your lost funds back.

Let's help you recover your funds

Global Refund

Global Refund is proud to be spearheading the legal fight against unregulated Binary Options / Forex / CryptoCurrencies companies, helping countless financial fraud victims recover their stolen funds.

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